"Diane Arbus: In the Park"


There is a quite amazing show of photographs by Diane Arbus at the LÚvy Gorvy Gallery,"Diane Arbus: In the Park"



2 May - 24 June


 LÚvy Gorvy Gallery


909 Madison Ave. (At 73rd)

Tuesday - Saturday  10-6


This exhibition has a satisfying large number of wonderful photographs--some familiar, some we'd never seen--taken by Arbus in the 50s and 60s in Central Park and Washington Square Park.  There are two full floors of them (so do NOT miss the continuation of the show on the third floor).  Here, in her own words, is a description offered by the Gallery:

"... I remember one summer I worked a lot in Washington Square Park. It must have been about 1966. The park was divided. It has these walks, sort of like a sunburst, and there were these territories staked out. There were young hippie junkies down one row. There were lesbians down another, really tough amazingly hard-core lesbians. And in the middle were winos. They were like the first echelon and the girls who came from the Bronx to become hippies would have to sleep with the winos to get to sit on the other part with the junkie hippies. It was really remarkable. And I found it very scary... There were days I just couldn't work there and then there were days I could.... I got to know a few of them. I hung around a lot... I was very keen to get close to them, so I had to ask to photograph them." - Diane Arbus


To provide a small taste of the joys of this show, here are three images from the Gallery's website from the scores of images in the show (good ones, but far from the best; but there is no photography allowed in the show, so these shall have to do):




A young man and his girlfriend with hot dogs in the park, NYC. 1971

Gelatin silver print