On 4 April 2012, President Obama appeared on NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Falon," and he mentioned liking our son Alex's show on "Comedy Central, Key & Peele.  He particularly noted the bit that they do in which Jordan Peele imitates the President in the Oval Office, but has Keegan-Michael Key playing Luther, his "anger translator."  Here's what President Obama had to say: 




  And, in case you've not seen it, here is the first of the Obama Anger Translator sketches:




Another wonderful Obama imitation involves the President teaching his daughter Malia to drive:




And, two of my very favorite sketches, "The Slave Auction":




and the "Movie Hecklers":




And even those of you who have watched the show may have missed an online-only feature, in which two guys (Vandaveon and Mike--Keegan and Jordan, of course), comment on the week's episode of "Key & Peele."  Here's their commentary on the first episode (but all of them are hilarious):




This season is over (although reruns abound on "Comedy Central"--and the bits are all over YouTube),


KEY & PEELE, will return to Comedy Central for its second season, premiering on 26 September Wednesday , at 10:30/9, in the wonderful time slot between South Park and Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.


Meanwhile, Season 1 of Key & Peele will be released on DVD and Blu-ray the day before, on 25 September Tuesday. You can pre-order your copy now on Amazon.com (with Amazon's Pre-order Price Guarantee, which means you will end up paying the lower of the listed price or the lowest price available on the date of the release) at: www.amazon.com/Key-Peele-Season-One-Blu-ray/dp/B008F281BU/ref=sr_1_3?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1345301775&sr=1-3&keywords=key+%26+peele

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